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TSE Code:8977

Portfolio Information

Kita-Aoyama San cho-me Building

Location3-12-13, Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Site area415.42m²
Total floor area692.00m²
Leasable area619.76m²
Number of floors3 floors
Completion dateSeptember 2013

An area featuring good location image with a concentration of purpose-driven brands having strong ability to attract customers

  • The property is located in “Aosando/Aoshindo” (indicating the alley that passes from the Aoyama Dori street to Jingumae and its vicinities in the Kita-Aoyama area), somewhat behind the Aoyama Dori street on the western side. The area has high concentration of retail facilities, and features competitive market superiority. The property is surrounded by many fashion brand stores that are purpose-driven and have strong ability to attract customers targeting core fans. Most recently, some brands have opened their first shops in Japan in this area, and businesses other than fashion also opened shops there. The image of the location is relatively favorable, and there is a growing number of customers seen around the area who seek originality or hope to enjoy town walking apart from the bustle of the main streets.
  • Kita-Aoyama San cho-me Building received an award for fiscal 2015 Minato City local green city development issued by the City of Minato, Tokyo. Please refer to the following for the announcement by Minato City.
    Minato City’s website:Minato Minato City WebsiteMinato City Green City Development Award (j-server.com)