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TSE Code:8977

Portfolio Information

MANDAI Toyonaka Honan Store (site)

Location3-1-20 Honan-cho-higashi, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Site area8,159.41m²
Total floor area-
Leasable area8,159.41m²
Number of floors-
Completion date-

Community-based property with favorable vicinity population

  • The property is located in the southern part of Toyonaka City and abuts city road Kanzakitoneyama-sen, which is a major road connected to a national road and is the road that customers would use on a daily basis. The trade area population is about 38,000* within 1km, making it a location with a favorable vicinity population, and possesses a market volume equivalent to three grocery supermarkets within 1km.
  • The main tenant MANDAI is a corporation that develops supermarkets centering on the Osaka area. In recent years, it has been actively opening stores and remodeling existing stores, thereby continuing to increase its sales. In addition, it possesses the developmental power and price appeal of fresh foods (fish, meat and vegetables), there are many stores with high volume sales and high per space profitability which enjoy strong customer retention.
    • The figure is surveyed at the time of acquisition.