Hankyu Hanshin REIT, Inc.

Financial Information

Interest-bearing debt / Investor Ratings

Interest-bearing debt

(As of May 31, 2019)

Total assets (millions of yen) 169,306
Debts (including investment corporation bonds) (millions of yen) 73,900
LTV 40.0%
Fixed debt ratio 87.6%
Long-term debt ratio 90.5%
Average Interest Rate 0.84%
Average Remaining Years 5.0 years


*Please visit Debts / Investment Corporation Bonds for the latest information.

Investor Ratings

(As of May 31, 2019)

Credit agency Subject Credit Ratings Outlook
Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR) Long-term corporate rating AA- Stable
Rating and Investment Information, INC (R&I) Bond rating A+ Stable