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Social Initiatives

Relationships with the Local Communities

Participating in locally hosted events

Umekita Plaza of GRAND FRONT OSAKA is the site where the Umeda Yukata Matsuri, a summer event in the Umeda area, is hosted, and in addition to hosting Bon festival dances and customer participation-type Uchimizu events, it is also the site where “UMEDA MEETS HEART,” a winter event in the area and project to transmit positive messages from Umeda with a motif of “Heart,” is implemented.
The Umeda Yukata Matsuri, run by Umeda Area Management Alliance (Osaka Station District) as part of their activities, is a local event aimed at further improving the area's attractiveness, under the theme of "yukata," which is a part of traditional Japanese culture.
We also offer the open space of Hankyu Corporation Head Office Building as event sites for locally hosted events such as the Umeda Yukata Matsuriand and the 1000000 People's Candle Night@OSAKA CITY Chayamachi Slowday.


Umeda Yukata Matsuri

Offering venues for holding of local events

HHR is offering spaces at properties it owns to support the holding of local events.

  • Dew Hankyu Yamada
    Playing a role in supporting local industries and drawing customers to local markets, by providing market spaces for start-ups who are planning to open their businesses in the surrounding communities, and holding market events at its common areas on a regular basis.
    Regularly holding live music events for free as a joint project with a radio station, and providing the SpringX program, which offers online venues for practical learning opportunities and start-up support.

Cooperation with nearby local communities

METS OZONE makes community-based contributions by holding Kids Marché, where local groups provide workshops, goods sales, and other opportunities for children.

Kitano Hankyu Building deepens the relationship with the local community by exhibiting, at a temporary section, art works local art students have created.

Introducing a bike sharing system

Kitano Hankyu Building has introduced a bike sharing system operated by DOCOMO BIKESHARE, INC. and contributes to reducing the environmental load by mitigating traffic congestion in the city center. Moreover, this also contributes to the development of local industry as transportation infrastructure for commuting, business, and tourism.

Implementing a park-and-ride

Dew Hankyu Yamada has implemented a park-and-ride on its rooftop parking lot.
A park-and-ride, is a method of commuting whereby people park their automobiles in parking lots with public transport connections, and transfer to public transportations such as railways and fixed-route busses. It is a transportation policy that is promoted as a way to mitigate traffic congestion in city centers and tourist sites, suppress traffic pollution, and reduce illegal parking, etc.

Dew Hankyu Yamada

Supporting sales promotions of tenants and startups

On the first floor below ground at HEP Five, the "FIVE LAB" has been set up to support startups, which is a pop-up space that collects and dispatches popular contents, and provides opportunities for creators and EC shops to make sales at special events. In fact, some members who had participated in those events became official tenants by opening their own shops. HEP Five has also established a photo studio for SNS and live commerce to support the sales promotions of tenants.

Participating in the Hankyu Hanshin Mirai no Yume Machi Project

Our sponsor, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group conducts the Hankyu Hanshin Mirai no Yume Machi Project, and the employees of HHRAM also participate in this project.

[Overview of Hankyu Hanshin Mirai no Yume Machi Project]
https://www.hankyu-hanshin.co.jp/yume-machi/top.html (in Japanese)

Relationships with Tenants

Employee satisfaction surveys

With the cooperation of a property management company, we conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys at the properties owned by HHR listed below, and aim to improve employee satisfaction and increase the value of facilities, through improvements based on the survey results.

Properties with employee satisfaction surveys


Training for employees of tenants

We conduct various video and offline training sessions at HEP Five, aimed at making the site attractive and selected by customers. In fiscal 2023, training courses to learn how to develop social media skills and how to deal with customer complaints are scheduled at GRAND FRONT OSAKA while training courses to improve customer service at HANKYU NISHINOMIYA GARDENS.

HANKYU NISHINOMIYA GARDENS and GRAND FRONT OSAKA have sent participant to the national customer service role playing contest hosted by Japan Council of Shopping Centers. In addition to improving the skills of the employees, we work to improve the enjoyability of customers who use the facilities.

Providing building environments that makes it easy to work

Shiodome East Side Building and SHIBAURA RENASITE TOWER have prepared an environment where employees can easily purchase lunch within the building, and works to improve tenant satisfaction. In addition, shelves and cupboards for use when changing clothes have been installed in the ladies' rooms at Shiodome East Side Building, supporting the comfortable office work of female employees who work there. SHIBAURA RENASITE TOWER provides opportunities to connect with tenants by holding regional food fairs at the entrance of the building.

Shiodome East Side Building


HEP Five renovated its employee cafeteria in fiscal 2019 and has a meeting space where employees can communicate with one another, in addition to a space for charging devices. In addition, HANKYU NISHINOMIYA GARDENS established a female powder room in the employee lounge to provide and support an environment where tenant employees can work comfortably.

HEP Five

Installation of Tokuho (Foods for Specified Health Uses) Drink Vending Machines

Tokuho (Foods for Specified Health Uses) drink vending machines are installed at Shiodome East Side Building. In establishing an environment where vegetable juice and healthy drinks have been made readily available, the health of tenant workers is promoted.

Award history

HEP Five has received the ES Award multiple times at the Developer Award and Tenant Award event hosted by SENKEN SHIMBUN CO., LTD. In addition, HANKYU NISHINOMIYA GARDENS received the Gold Award at the Japan SC Awards in 2013 as the first retail facility ever to receive the award outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area while it also received the Developer Award Chosen by Tenants at the 25th (fiscal 2022) Developer Award and Tenant Award event hosted by SENKEN SHIMBUN CO., LTD., which was received for three years in a row, and four times in total with the award at the 19th event in fiscal 2016.

Initiatives towards Employees of HHRAM

Due to the provisions of the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations (hereafter "Investment Trust Act"), HHR cannot hire employees. As such, its assets are managed by the employees of HHRAM. We believe that each and every employee related to the business is an indispensable asset, and in addition to working to create a healthy work environment where employees can maximize their various personalities and abilities, it also aims to improve business competitiveness through proactive personnel development.

Health management

The purpose of health management and how to deal with problems

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group has promoted health management while holding "respect for people" as one of its most important values, and believes that the health of its employees and their families is the cornerstone of the company's future.
HHRAM does not have many employees, so that our business could easily be affected even when only one of them cannot fully perform due to his or her poor health condition. With the "Health Declaration”(in Japanese)" established in September, 2019, we have promoted health management, aiming at improvement of productivity and revitalization of the workplace by improving the health awareness of all employees and making the workplace more comfortable so they can work with enthusiasm.

Initiatives by project team

We implement programs promoting health each fiscal year under a health management project team and those promoting communication between employees. Conducting a survey of employees’ health revealed some health issues mainly related to diet and exercise. To solve the problems, we set up a cross-functional special project team, and carried out various events under the themes of diet, exercise, and improving communication, with unanimous approval, including of board members, through internal discussions. Here are some examples.

<Main initiatives implemented until now>

  • Vegetable Catering Service introduced to offices
  • Morning activities
  • Radio Gymnastics Time (twice a day)
  • “Arukatsu” walking events (for four months every year)
  • Property inspection tours (once a year)
  • Health courses by outside lecturers (two or three times a year)
  • Background music for working introduced to offices
  • Portable aroma diffuser units brought to offices

Effect of introducing Health Management

Along with various initiatives for Health Management, we have also promoted flexible working as described in “Work-life balance” later.
“Arukatsu” walking events, for example, started with the goal of 5,000 steps with a 50% of participation rate, but at the latest event in fiscal 2022, the participation rate increased to 100% and the average number of steps was approximately 8,500, showing a significant increase.
In fact, the employee survey in fiscal 2022 shows better result from each question than that in fiscal 2021: 70% to 86% for not being unexpectedly absent or unable to work due to health condition; 40% to 48 % for walking for more than 60 minutes a day; 70% to 92% for being satisfied with communication at the office. As for employees who participated in a breakfast event, the awareness of breakfast increased by 64% after the event. In addition, the average monthly overtime working hours in fiscal 2022 were two hours less than in fiscal 2021 (nine hours).
Meanwhile, we have been focusing on stimulating staff engagement by taking some measures to deal with communication failures due to COVID-19, which will contribute to improving our business relationships and productivity.
It is also clear to us that increasing opportunities to cooperate with outside companies and communities through Health Management are quite beneficial to us: collaborating with Tokyo Fudosangyo Health Insurance Society on organizing seminars and other various activities; letting our employees speak at outside seminars as lecturers; our initiatives being introduced on the web sites of both the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Recognized as 2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Bright 500 (SME category)

The Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program is a program that Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry examines large enterprises, SMEs and other organizations that are engaging in health-conscious activities in collaboration with health insurance society members and promoting such activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, and recognizes outstanding enterprises engaging in efforts for health and productivity management.
*”Bright 500” is given to the top 500 enterprises among the “2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (SME Category)” demonstrating “further outstanding health and productivity management” and “expansion of efforts to regional areas.”

Received a Special Award for the spin-off project of the Osaka Wellness Action Award, Wellness Activity 10 at Workplace(March 2021)

The Osaka Wellness Action Awards aim to promote and disseminate independent and proactive health and productivity management, and HHRAM was recognized as an organization that is proactively engaged in activities for health and productivity management in Osaka and for promoting health in the workplace and across the region.

Work environment

Personnel development

We have put various training policies in place with the purpose of improving the skills of our employees.
Beginning with the specialized skills needed for real estate investment management operations, we also provide seminars for employees to acquire sophisticated business manners and to improve their communication abilities, along with thematic seminars by invited outside experts as lecturers such as on compliance and sustainability.
In addition, we have also implemented an incentive system to for employees to acquire qualifications for professional personnel development. Especially for specialized qualifications recognized as necessary for the asset management business, including the Association for Real Estate Securitization (ARES) Certified Master, we pay the necessary expenses for employees who take training courses and examinations of such qualifications, or maintain the qualifications they have acquired. For your information, the ARES Certified Master system is an educational program through which you can learn a variety of specific, practical knowledge related to the real estate and financial industries systematically.
The table below shows the number of employees who have acquired each qualification.

As of October 1, 2023
Real Estate Appraiser 2
ARES Certified Master 20
Real Estate Transaction Agent 23
Certified Building Administrator 12
Shopping Center Business Administrator 1
Certified Public Accountant 1
First-class Architect 1
Second-Class Architect 1
Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineer 1
Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan (CMA) 1

Group training system

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings offers the group training system to all employees who have reached important milestones, for example, when entering the company, and when taking up a new management post. HHR employees can also take part in the training sessions. In addition, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings has a personnel and accounting company for all group employees, Hankyu Hanshin Business Associates, which plans and conducts seminars to support all group companies with human resource development throughout the year at Hankyu Hanshin Manabi-ba seminars, and Hankyu Hanshin Business School. The group training system, therefore, creates opportunities for group employees to develop their own self-awareness as a group member and strengthen cooperation with other group companies, and to improve themselves through competition by taking part in a group seminar for job ranking or personnel development.

Management by Objectives (MBO)

All employees including contract ones are expected to develop their own ability through various business operations with MBO strategies applied. Among them are goal setting together with their supervisor, and having a year-end interview for evaluation feedback from their supervisor. In addition, regular interviews are scheduled for employees to get appropriate support from their own supervisor. The MBO system gives them varied career paths, engaging in job rotation if necessary.

Office environment

Upon office expansion, a collaboration space was added after taking employee opinions into consideration. The new space will promote ease of work and communication.

Employee questionnaires (once a year)

In cooperation with group companies of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, we conduct two surveys every other year: the Employee Satisfaction Survey to improve employee engagement, and the Working Environment Survey to prevent harassment in the workplace and educate employees on harassment.

Work-life balance

Introduction of flextime system

With the purpose of improving productivity, the flextime system (without core time) was introduced starting in August 2019, which gives employees the choice of when they will work, including daily start and end times, and enables them to work efficiently while balancing life and work.
Combined with the flextime system, a work interval system was also introduced, which sets a certain interval of time between the time employees leave work until they can start again. In this way, we are also making considerations to prevent long work hours.

Introduction of high-performance notebook PCs and in-house wireless LAN

Along with introduction of a flextime system, office PCs were replaced with high-performance notebook PCs, and in-house wireless LAN was set up. As a result, employees were enabled to select their workplace and working hours more freely, productivity was improved, and paperless meetings, etc. were achieved.

Enabling remote work

With the purpose of realizing smooth progress in business while considering the health of employees amid the spread of COVID-19, we allowed our employees to select remote work as an option.
In addition to introducing secure remote-access services for safe access from outside the office, the target of web-conferencing system users was expanded to all employees of HHRAM. Currently, remote work has been effectively established, which shows that flexible work arrangements have been fully introduced to our employees.

Digitalization of decision-making flow

We responded to remote work by preparing approval documents, decision-making documents and instructions as well as digitalized the decision-making flow, and made efforts to enhance and improve the efficiency of productivity.

Health management

By conducting regular health examinations and covering the costs of influenza vaccinations, we are engaged in maintaining and improving the health of our employees.

Welfare program

As part of creating a comfortable workplace where employees can work safely and securely, HHRAM provides all employees with the following systems, other than “maternity leave before and after childbirth,” “childcare leave,” “paternity leave,” “child medical care leave,” “family care leave,” “congratulation or condolence leave,” and other leaves:
  • Cafeteria plan (Multiple-choice welfare service program)
  • Sukoyaka leave (Reserved annual paid leave)
  • Special sick leave (Employees who get sick or injured for a private reason may be granted up to five working days per year when they use up all their leave days specified in both annual paid leave and reserved annual paid leave.)
  • System to balance medical treatment and working life (Employees who receive medical treatment while working may be granted a flexible working style: shorter working hours, shorter working days, and remote work.)
  • Rehabilitation system for the return-to-work process (Mainly absentees due to mental health problems may be eligible for the system as a support to return to work sooner.)


Respecting human rights, preventing harassment

We respect the diversity of each and every employee and believe that mutual acceptance is indispensable to sustainable growth, and the sponsor group takes initiative as one body by conducting human rights training, conducting surveys, and increasing the number of consultation service counters. Employees can anonymously receive a counselor’s advice or report harassment, and it is clearly stated that the privacy of the counselee shall be protected, and they shall not be subject to discriminatory treatment due to such consultation or reporting.
In addition to counselling, HHRAM establishes a consultation counter for corporate ethics (Note) as part of the internal whistleblowing system for harassment and human rights abuse.

Human Rights Policy

HHRAM shares “Basic Philosophy and Policy on Respect for Human Rights” by the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group which was revised in April, 2023. (The following is translation of the excerpt from the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group’s website.)

The mission of the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group is to realize our customers’ happy lives and contribute to the society by providing them with “safety and comfort” as well as “dreams and excitement.” To accomplish our mission, we believe that we should respect the human rights of all the stakeholders, including customers, clients, shareholders, the local community, and our staff members who are in charge of our businesses, based upon the belief that we shall coexist with all people as a member of society. Our Basic Philosophy and Policy on Respect for Human Rights are well established so that every one of us can recognize and become conscious of human rights as our own affair by enhancing the sense of human rights to think and behave accordingly. In fact, our Philosophy and Policy is stipulated based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group Basic Philosophy and Policy on Respect for Human Rights
“Basic Philosophy on Respect for Human Rights”
By respecting the human rights of all people involved in our business activities, we contribute to the creation of an affluent society free from discrimination and the infringement of human rights based on birth, race, nationality, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, disability, etc.

“Basic Policy on Respect for Human Rights”
1.  Compliance with laws and regulations related to respect for human rights
We will endeavor to comply with human rights laws and regulations applicable in the countries and regions in which we operate and will support and respect international human rights norms such as the International Bill of Human Rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenants on Human Rights) and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work* issued by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
* The core labour standards include freedom of association and recognition of the right to collective bargaining, prohibition of forced labour, prohibition of child labour, prohibition of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation, and a safe and healthy working environment.

2.  Scope of application
This philosophy and policy apply to all officers and employees of the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group. We also will try to gain the understanding and support of stakeholders in this philosophy and policy, and we hope to work together to proceed with respect for human rights.

3. Human rights due diligence
In order to fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights, we will continue to implement human rights due diligence and work to avoid and reduce negative impacts on human rights.

4. Remedy and correction
Upon our knowledge of any directly caused, and/or the contributing of, adverse impacts on human rights through our business activities, we will implement or cooperate in remedies and corrections through appropriate means.

5. Dialogues with stakeholders
We seek to gain insights through dialogue with outside experts, listen to the opinions of our stakeholders, and strive to respond responsibly.

6. Education and Awareness
We will continue to provide the necessary education and awareness to ensure that this philosophy and policy are carried out in our business activities.

7. Creating a safe and satisfying work environment
In order to respect the human rights of each employee, we will endeavor to maintain fairness and equality in all treatment, starting with the hiring process. We will also promote the creation of a work environment where officers and employees can recognize each other's differences and make full use of their individuality and talent.

8. Information disclosure
We will disclose information on our efforts to respect human rights in a timely and appropriate manner.

Promoting women's success

We are creating an environment where female employees are able to realize their potential and succeed as part of our diversity acceptance measures.

System to grant incentives to employees

  • The performance-based annual salary system has been partially introduced. This is due to making responsibility for performance clearer and granting incentives to certain employees.
  • The unitholders accumulated investment system has been introduced since March 2012. This is mainly because we want to make it possible to improve medium-to-long-term investor value by raising employees’ awareness of the improvement and continued growth of HHR’s business performance.

Personnel data


Personnel Data As of October 1, 2021 As of October 1, 2022 As of October 1, 2023
Number of all employees   37 37 39
Male 18 17 20
Female 19 20 19
Number of employees (by type of employment) 37 37 39
Number of regular employees   17 16 23
Male 4 3 8
Female 13 13 15
Number of seconded employees   18 16 15
Male 14 12 12
Female 4 4 3
Number of contract employees   2 5 1
Male 0 2 0
Female 2 3 1
Number of management level employees   11 12 10
Male 10 12 10
Female 1 0 0
Number of new employees   2 5 3
Male 0 2 3
Female 2 3 0
Average length of service (Note 1) 3.6years 4.0years 4.0years
Paid holiday acquisition rate (Note 2) 71.5% 61.1% 74.2%
Health examination rate (Note 3) 100% 100% 100%
Number of employees on childcare leave (cumulative) 0 (1) 0 (1) 0 (1)
Number of employees on family care leave (cumulative) 0 (0) 0(0) 0(0)
Attendance rate for sustainability training (Note 3) 100% 100% 100%
Attendance rate for compliance training (Note 3) 100% 100% 100%
  • Average number of years when the employees have worked (as for seconded employees, based upon the date when they were officially accepted)
  • Total actual results of regular employees and contract employees (Oct. 1, 2022 - Sep. 30, 2023) and seconded employees (Sep. 1, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2023).
  • Actual result of each fiscal year

Securing Safety and Security

Safety and security of owned properties

Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011), interest in the seismic resistance of buildings has risen extremely high. In order to secure business continuity in the face of natural disasters and epidemics, etc., HHR has prepared various measures to minimize damage and speed up recovery.

Preparing for seismic risks - utilizing PML value

The probable maximum loss (PML) refers to the forecasted maximum loss that could be incurred due to an earthquake.
The PML is indicated by the ratio of forecasted replacement costs assuming maximum material losses against the largest earthquake that can be expected during the use-period of a building (475-year return period = 10% chance of exceedance in 50 years), and the lower the ratio, the lower the expected losses. When deciding upon the acquisition of a property, HHR will check its PML value and will not acquire the property if the PML value does not meet a certain standard.

  • For the PML values of each property in the portfolio, please refer to the materials for analyst briefing on the "Disclosure Materials" of our website.

Systematic repairs and CAPEX

HHR conducts repairs systematically according to the age of properties, etc., in an effort to prevent unforeseen accidents and minimize damages during disasters.

  • Waterproofing work on the roof of Takatsuki-Josai Shopping Center
  • Repairing the exterior wall at Dew Hankyu Yamada
  • Heat source renewal work at LAXA Osaka

Providing lifelines and disaster protection centers

HHR's properties provide lifelines and disaster protection centers to its customers during natural disasters.

  • Takatsuki-Josai Shopping Center
    It has a disaster cooperation agreement with Takatsuki City, and will provide the parking space on the site as a temporary evacuation space for local residents and as a base for vehicles in the case of a disaster.
  • HEP Five
    It has first-aid kits, disaster prevention equipment for stranded commuters, those who are temporarily prevented from returning home, and has been designated as a temporary evacuation site based on the "Plan to Secure Underground Evacuation Space in Umeda."
  • Dew Hankyu Yamada, Takatsuki-Josai Shopping Center
    These properties will provide food and disaster prevention goods, etc., to local residents in the case of a disaster.
    Based upon the agreement with Osaka City on the acceptance of commuters who cannot return home in the event of disasters, the facility shall temporally accept stranded commuters to the possible extent.

Safety and Security of Customers and Tenant Employees

Conducting fire drills

Fire drills are conducted at HHR's properties in accordance with the Fire Services Act, which includes training on how to use fire extinguishers and first aid measures, etc., with the assumption that these will be put into practice.

Storing emergency goods

At some of HHR's properties, emergency goods boxes have been set up, which can be used if one was to be locked in an elevator during an emergency. At HEP Five and Kitano Hankyu Building, disaster prevention equipment, to be used by people who are prevented from returning home, are stored in disaster prevention chairs installed on every floor of the buildings.

Providing menstrual hygiene products for free

At HEP Five, OiTr, a dispenser to provide sanitary pads free of charge, has been installed in some of the toilet rooms. We have been promoting this initiative to realize a society where menstrual hygiene products are readily available in each toilet room, just like toilet rolls.

Installation of rat proof ultrasound equipment

At Shiodome East Side Building, rat proof ultrasound equipment has been installed. By installing these devices, rats are kept away without using poison for unnecessary killing, and we provide a safe and enjoyable office environment to tenant employees.

Setting up baby room

At GRAND FRONT OSAKA and HANKYU NISHINOMIYA GARDENS, baby rooms with a baby bed, a breastfeeding booth, and other equipment installed are set up for customers with babies to visit the places without any stress. This shows how we make our facilities better for child-rearing generations.

Safety and Security of HHRAM's Employees

Promoting disaster prevention and BCP measures

Under the policy that human resources are its most important corporate resource, HHRAM conducts various initiatives to secure the safety and security of employees.

  • Establishment of business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Establishment of “Initial Response Manual for Large-Scale Disasters (Earthquakes)” and “Initial Response Manual for Large-Scale Disasters (Typhoons/Advance Response)”
  • Establishment of initial response manual for outbreak of a new type of influenza and other diseases
  • Implementation of safety confirmation system and simulation training
  • Implementation of disaster prevention drills
    (the representative participates in the training and gives explanations.)
  • Distribution of disaster prevention goods and storage of emergency goods

Initiatives towards Property Management Companies and Suppliers

Establishment of Sustainable Procurement Policy

Based on the "Sustainable Procurement Policy” established in March 2019, HHR and HHRAM have been promoting initiatives that focus on sustainability issues in the supply chains of HHR and HHRAM. For this purpose, the status of sustainability initiatives, including introducing an environmental management system or its equivalent, promoting respect for human rights and diversity, establishing a system for corporate ethics, and engaging in community activities, is taken into consideration as one of the criteria for selecting and evaluating property management companies and suppliers.

Continuous evaluation of property management companies

The period of the property management entrustment agreements concluded with parties HHR entrusts with property management of properties it owns is one year as a general rule, and HHR evaluates the management results of property management companies by the end of the agreement period. In the continuous evaluation for fiscal 2019, HHR evaluated the sustainability initiatives at properties it owns carried out by property management companies.

Implementation of sustainability training

In order to establish a mindset on sustainability and reinforce the collaboration system, HHR invites outside experts once a year as lecturers and implements sustainability training for the employees of its asset management company employees as well as persons in charge of properties working at parties HHR entrusts with property management of properties it owns.

<Main training themes from fiscal 2020 to 2022>

  • Review of CSR, SDGs, and ESG
  • Positive impact investing
  • GRESB and its implementation
  • Case studies of property management companies and our tenants initiatives
  • Climate change and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Growing interest in social issues (health, well-being, and DEI)

Establishment of consultation counter of corporate ethics

HHRAM has established a corporate ethics consultation counter to accept whistleblowing about behaviors that are contrary to related laws, regulations, and corporate ethics, and facts that may be so, based upon Whistleblower Protection Act. This counter is available for not only HHRAM employees but also staff members and managers from property management companies, suppliers, and other organizations which have a continuous relationship with HHRAM, and its existence is widely publicized. It also accepts anonymous consultations and reports, and guarantees that there shall be no disadvantageous treatment on the basis of consulting, and that the whistleblowers’ personal information shall be protected.

Dialogue with Unitholders and Investors

Regarding information disclosure

Recognizing sufficiently that replete information disclosure can largely impact the development and success or failure of the real estate investment trust market, HHR will stand in our unitholders' shoes and disclose information from the perspective of "timeliness" and "fairness".

  • Information will be disclosed in line with the details and methods outlined in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, in the Investment Trust Act, by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., and by The Investment Trusts Association, Japan.
  • A system for the accurate and timely collection of information has been established, and we work to disclose information to our unitholders while making considerations for transparency and comprehensibility.
  • We work to proactively disclose information that is deemed important for making investment decisions, even for information that is not indicated in information disclosure legislation.

Status of IR activities

We work to disclose information in a timely manner through our website including statutory disclosure documents, press releases, financial results information (financial statements, financial results, materials for analyst briefing), characteristics of managed assets, and performance status, etc.
Each fiscal period, we hold an analyst briefing on the operating status and the financial outlook, etc., for domestic institutional investors, lenders, and other interested parties. In addition, we hold approximately 50 one-on-one meetings (including conference calls, online meetings) for institutional investors.
For our overseas investors, we hold six IR events a year, focusing mainly on North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, and hold approximately 30 one-on-one meetings (including online meetings). In addition, we also proactively participate in conferences held by securities companies in Japan.
For our individual investors, we hold a meeting updating our operational status in Tokyo and Osaka once a year (institutional investors can also participate). Moreover, we also proactively participate in private investors seminars held by the Association for Real Estate Securitization, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and securities companies, etc.