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Hankyu Hanshin REIT is implementing measures toward continued growth and enhancement of distributions.

Yoshiaki Shiraki
Executive Director,
Hankyu Hanshin REIT, Inc.


Welcome to our website!

First of all, I would like to offer my heartfelt sympathy to those who are suffering from infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and influenza, and those affected by natural disasters. We still continue to spend restless days due to the spread of those diseases and the frequent occurrence of natural disasters.

We have experienced various changes in the social environment during the four years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
For example, despite the recovery of the flow of people, demand for parties at restaurants with a large number of people has waned, which does not seem to be a temporary phenomenon. While retail facilities temporarily brought forward their closing times, it is likely that the trend of shortened business hours will become fixed.

On the back of such trend, we notice the changes in people’s behaviors in addition to the existence of labor shortage.
We consider that these changes are “irreversible,” and that we are obliged to shift our mindset that the “original state” would be restored.

We also need to take into consideration the above-mentioned changes in the social environment from the viewpoint of property acquisition. In order to realize external growth, we will strive to acquire, as our new target properties, “logistics facilities for last mile delivery” reflecting the advancement of e-commerce, and “small- and medium-sized compact quality offices” on the back of diversified workplaces in addition to our conventionally focused community-based retail facilities and urban retail facilities situated in excellent locations.

As part of our above-mentioned effort, we plan to acquire a site for a community-based retail facility located in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture in March 2024.

Notice Concerning Acquisition of Domestic Real Estate

Interest rates are also one of the important factors that affect distribution per unit. We will focus on maintaining and improving distribution per unit through financial stability and the reduction of procurement costs by studying various measures to diversify our funding sources and achieving an appropriate balance between fixed interest rates and variable interest rates.

On January 24, we announced the financial results for the 37th fiscal period (ended November 2023). Distribution per unit was 3,056 yen, which was 4.3% higher than the forecast value of 2,930 yen announced on July 19, 2023. The forecasts for distributions per unit for the 38th fiscal period (ending May 2024) and the 39th fiscal period (ending November 2024) are 3,030 yen and 3,040 yen, respectively.



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