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Vessel Inn Hakata Nakasu

Location5-1-12 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Site area405.98m²
Total floor area2,776.49m²
Leasable area2,776.49m²
Number of floors14 floors
Completion dateJuly 2009
URL Official Site

Excellent location for both leisure and business

  • The Nakasu area where the property is situated is one of the greatest bustling areas in Kyushu and also close to office zones such as the Hakata and Tenjin areas, and thus stronger demand for both leisure and business can be expected.
  • The property stands in an excellent location being an approximately 1-minute walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station of the Fukuoka City Subway in the above mentioned area. Nakasu-Kawabata Station is highly convenient as it takes only around 9 minutes to Fukuoka Airport Station, around 3 minutes to JR Hakata Station, and around 1 minute to Tenjin Station via direct subway line.

Plentiful facilities and high customer satisfaction

  • Vessel Inn is one of the hotel brands which Vessel Hotel Development Co., Ltd. operates. Under the concept of "a relaxing clean space at a reasonable price," they offer attractive services such as Simmons beds, air purifiers/humidifiers and Wi-Fi in all rooms, and abundant amenities for female guests.
  • The property ranked 1st in "Jalan Chain Hotel Ranking 2018, 2019 " (Note 1) as well as 1st in 2016 and 2019, and 2nd in 2018 in hotel guest satisfaction surveys conducted by J.D.Power (Note 2).
    Note 1 Among a "category of chain hotels which was nice to stay in," those priced "less than 15,000 yen per stay for a business trip."
    Note 2 In a category of 9,000 yen - less than 15,000 yen per stay.