Hankyu Hanshin REIT, Inc.

TSE Code:8977

Portfolio Information

KOHYO Onohara Store

Location6-2-7, Onohara-higashi, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture
Site area4,479.14m²
Total floor area3,206.72m²
Leasable area3,310.31m²
Number of floors2 floors
Completion dateMay 2016

Located in the area the population is on an increasing trend

  • Onohara-Toyonaka Road on which the property stands along is a community road that allows east-west mobility through the New Town connecting Osaka Prefectural Route 1 (3-laned road) on the east side, running along Osaka monorail underneath its elevated railway tracks, and Osaka Prefectural Route 120 and 119 on the west side. The fine circular road network spreads into the residential area from the road, providing good access to the property, as well as more detached home sales are observed in the Onohara-nishi district to the west of the property and the population in the vicinity of the property is on an increasing trend.

Differentiates itself from other supermarket chains by offering a sophisticated sales space

  • KOHYO, a tenant which opened on May 20, 2016, is a main brand of the food supermarkets operated by KOHYO Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of AEON Co., Ltd. It has a reputation for its quality-oriented items and fresh products (meat, fish, vegetables and ready-to-eat food), and differentiates itself from other supermarket chains in the Kansai Region by offering a sophisticated sales space.