Hankyu Hanshin REIT, Inc.

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Location14-2, Takamatsu-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
Lot area79,003.72m²
Total floor area(1) Store, parking garage space and movie theater: 201,581.85m²
(2) Parking garage space: 31,891.07m²
(3) Parking garage space and store (Annex): 18,523.10m²
Leasable area70,558.88m²
Number of floors(1) 9 floors
(2) 6 floors
(3)7 floors
Completion date(1) October 2008
(2) October 2008
(3) October 2018
URL Official site
  • 28% of the property's trust beneficiary interest is quasi co-owned by Hankyu Hanshin REIT, Inc., and 72% by Hankyu Corporation. With respect to the leasable area, the area equivalent to the percentage of the Hankyu REIT's trust beneficiary interest in the property is listed.
  • With respect to the lot and total floor areas, the entire areas of the property are listed.

One of the largest shopping centers in western Japan, located in an affluent trade area between Osaka and Kobe

  • The property, which opened in 2008 as a redevelopment of the former site of Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium, is one of the largest shopping centers in western Japan. It boasts a size as large as approximately 70,000㎡ in lot area, approximately 247,000㎡ in total floor area and approximately 107,000㎡ in leased area, which is the area of the retail facility.
  • With urban areas having dense population spreading along the coast between Osaka and Kobe and from Takarazuka through Kawanishi and Itami, the trade area of the property has an abundant population, which totals 340,000 within a radius of 3km and 780,000 within a radius of 5km. Moreover, it is an excellent trade area with strong purchasing power, as it includes such affluent cities as Ashiya, Nishinomiya and Takarazuka.
  • The property features the anchor stores of Nishinomiya Hankyu (department store), Izumiya Nishinomiya Gardens Store (GMS) and Toho Cinemas Nishinomiya OS (cinema complex), and houses tenant stores totaling about 260. In addition, there is the Sky Garden on the rooftop, where events and other activities can be held.
  • The property has excellent traffic access as it is directly connected by a deck to Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Station on the Hankyu Railway Kobe Line and Imazu Line, which is a major station that ranks third behind Umeda Station and Kobe-sannomiya Station in the number of passengers out of all Hankyu Railway line stations.
  • HANKYU NISHINOMIYA GARDENS received assessment of "five stars" of DBJ Green Building Certification, which is the highest ranking, from Development Bank of Japan in June, 2015. (Please refer to the following for the announcement made by DBJ and details of the Program.
    DBJ's website: http://igb.jp/en/list.html)